Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Take me to Paris, let's go there and never come back.

Hi! Today it's only Aleksandra writing as memories came over me and I forced Lidia to make my own post about last summer, which I have spent in Paris. I am not going to be original - Paris really do is the most beautiful and powerful city I have ever been to. It has this positively weird magic, that you can feel no matter if you are amdiring Champs Elysee or wondering the tiny little streets of Montmartre. This is my Paris photo diary, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do every time I go back to these pictures.



A trunk full of fashion - this time in books! Every book is about a different fashion mansion.

Looking for some records :)

My friend Agnes enjoying her crepes :)

In Laduree shop, so cute and pretty!

Laduree windows :)

And some pastires to die for !!

Officiers in... Cafe des Officiers ;)

The entrance to my place in Paris :)

A trip to Versailles !

Giant heels made of pots !! Part of an modern eco art exhibiton in Versailles :) 

With Janirre, a friend from Bilbao in Versailles. In the back you can see another modern installations - a part of an exhibition that took place there that time.

The most beautiful garden in the world - nothing can beat Versailles!

 Marie Antoinatte's ... helicopter ;) Haha !!

Cute Repetto ballet store and its window:)

La Coupole - an icon among restaurants, a fav place to eat for many stars going back to early 70s and 80s. You never know, maybe you'll meet inside Mick Jagger or Katherine Deneuve?


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