Sunday, April 14, 2013


Between the old buildings in the city centre, the oldest part of Cracow, there is one very old and messy, but still charming garden.

And that's where we went today to take some pictures - for the first time on the blog - in the sun. The garden belongs to Aleksandra's grandfather, who inherited it from his ancestors. It's been kept in a very old fashioned way as a tradtition - you won't find much grass in there, but on the other hand it is full of blossoming flowers and messy wild plants. It's still way to early for most of the flowers, but we decided that anyway, waking up nature will be a perfect location for a springtime photoshoot, even if it's still in the middle of the city. And the look? It is all about leather, perfect for spring and always in style. 

Aleksandra & Lidia

H&M leather pants
ORSAY jacket
JACKPOT cardigan
RESERVED bag and top
PROMOD scarf

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