Monday, April 22, 2013


Finally Sun is up there for good... and because of that we really do hope, this is the last (promise !!) time the post starts with a stupid weather small talk.

Anyway, the season for t-shirts, ripped jeans, old weary Converse sneakers and girly ballerinas, ice cream and outside picnics is officialy on... Unfortunatelly as long with the 'slowly-getting-ready-to-May-finals' time. We hope to keep up with the blog through this haha difficult moments with tons of books and notes ;) 

Today, some spring stuff, that has been recently around us a lot.

The best blush ever - Bourjois Paris 95. Rose de Jaspe


Old ripped jeans - yay or nay?

Finally strawberries are fresh and everywhere <3

First ice cream since last summer :) 

And my beloved really old and really weary Converse... I guess I should have got rid of them a long time ago but still I just can't do this... Love them to much haha. Do you have any piece you know you definitely shouldn't wear anymore, but still you just can't stop? Or well.. is it just me ? ;)

Aleksandra & Lidia

P.S. We realized that most of you come from Poland, do you want us to write in Polish as well? :)

Zauważyłyśmy, że wielu z Was jest z Polski, jak my - chcecie żeby posty były też w naszym ojczystym języku? :) 


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